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a.pos.tate: n.
One who has abandoned one's religious faith, a political party, one's principles, or a cause.



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For many reasons. First Quran is full of mistakes; Hadith doesn't make any sense in many.many cases. The prophet who married more than 4 because he was a prophet and was trying to solve the problems of these unmarried women. A religion with no miracle except words. I wish that somebody said that Mohamed had some miracles like what the Christians claim for their Jesus. Contradiction between the verses and even satanic verses.... But I did not left Islam totally and I can't say that in public especially in my home country because you know the consequences. Sometimes under social pressure I go to the mosque without doing any ritual!!!

However, because Islam is not a good religion some people went to attack other people for a crime their neighbors or relatives did. Yes because talibans attacked the US, Iraq is paying the price. These new crusaders invaded that country for no reason but to find the WMD. I wish that they said we came to kill Saddam and that's all without any lies. But now Iraqi finished with saddam to face the torture of the Americans, torture for freedom. The treatment of terrorism is to fight the terrorists not all Muslims whatever their believe because some of the Muslims, because they are naive, think that Islam is a religion of tolerance. In fact this is true for the Meccan part of Islam when its people were under aggression. In this era before Hijra you can read the verses quoted by Muslims as a proof of the tolerance in Islam. However, when you read the Medinan part when the Muslims became strong you can see the verses of ordering violence and kill of non-muslims and jihad especially in Surat Eltawba. Finally if the US is backing Israel because they are waiting for Jesus, then we will continue having troubles for ever because Jesus died and will not come back again. What a ridiculous belief.


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