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a.pos.tate: n.
One who has abandoned one's religious faith, a political party, one's principles, or a cause.



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I am totally sick and tired of this religion. All I was preached was Jihad, Jihad and Jihad and that all other religions are trash. Why is Islam trying to fight the whole world and why did Mohammed marry a 6year old girl at the age of 60 or 65yrs? When I asked these questions to my elders they said it was a custom back then, but I always wondered: Did Mohammed come to earth to follow customs or make an example?

Then I decided that Christianity is totally the opposite. Jesus said love thy enemy, offer the other cheek and gave the best example by dying on the cross for humanity and even before death, he cried out that God forgive them for they do not know what they do and I got also learned a lot from the passion of the Christ.

What a change, after I became Christian I had no more hatred for all the Infidels as if I have started to love humanity before anything else. I have told my family and they are mad but my mother understands and sister too but my brother is hell mad with me and does not talk to me since. I am married now with 2 daughters and a son, and when I see my daughters I just thank God I got out of the filthy Religion called Islam in time.

Strangely my brother is realizing too after I showed him some sites like faithfreedom.org and other websites and is realizing now how dangerous Islam is. Unfortunately I cannot change my parents views about Islam as they are old and too old to change their views but they know about us and our children Christian values and they are ok because my father says as long as they are the people of the book. I have read several books and am seeing the horror of Islam with my own eyes in TV, newspaper and so forth. Muslims always blame others especially the West, for what I don’t know. What has Palestine, Chechnya got to do with a small town in Pakistan? Muslims want to blame someone for all their troubles and that is what I did for a long time. I have friends now who go to see these web sites and are being enlightened everyday and some of them are hooked to these sites as a smoker is to cigarettes, even though they don’t like it they still go to read the latest issues.






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