Apostates of Islam
a.pos.tate: n.
One who has abandoned one's religious faith, a political party, one's principles, or a cause.



Media gallery
  Stoning to death in Islam (must see!)
  Cutting of Hands and Feet

Ibn Warraq (author of "Why I am not a Muslim"):
  Armen Saginian, founder of NewHorizons takes about 7 minutes to give a background of Islam, after which Ibn Warraq talks about ISIS (Institute for Secularization of Islam - Los Angeles 2000. ISIS Website: www.secularislam.org) - 28.8K | 56K Modem | DSL/Cable
  Ibn Warraq on Western Civilization - 28.8K | 56K Modem| DSL/Cable
  Ibn Warraq talks about "Moderate" Islam - 28.8K | 56K Modem| DSL/Cable

Parvin Darabi
(author of "Rage against the Veil") talks about:
  Islam and Human Rights in Islam - 28.8K | 56K Modem| DSL/Cable
  "Moderate" Islam - 28.8K | 56K Modem| DSL/Cable

Dr. Mohammad Parvin (President of MEHR - Mission for Establishment of Human Rights) talks about:
  MEHR and Human Rights in Islam - 28.8K | 56K Modem| DSL/Cable

  Note: Permission was granted by all individuals concerned to host these talks.



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  FaithFreedom.org's gallery
  Khola Mon's gallery


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Video of Stoning to Death

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Islam: Sex & Violence - Online Book by Anwar Sheikh (former Muslim) Book Review




Mohammad The Pedophile - Parvin Darabi

Breaking the manacles of Islam



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