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a·pos·tate: n.
One who has abandoned one's religious faith, a political party, one's principles, or a cause.

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Video of Stoning to Death

"Merciful" or "have mercy"?

Warning! This is an extremely sick and disgusting punishment, and thus watching this video can make you weak or possibly give you nausea and shock for several days. Please do not watch if you are weak-hearted.

We apologize for the poor video quality as this is an old video from 1994 recorded in Iran.
Full 15 minute version of this video

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If you are a Muslim, you MUST read this section and watch the video to increase your knowledge of Islam. Increasing one's knowledge about Islam is farz (compulsory)!
Also, you must force yourself to like stoning, because Mohammed ordered it. If you are afraid to watch the video or have watched it and are disgusted by it, you will likely be punished in Hell for Kufr. So watch the video and do NOT be disgusted!

Stoning to death is a cruel insane Islamic punishment given to people who are married but still voluntarily have sex outside marraige. This punishment was ordered by the "merciful" Prophet, who ofcourse was the messenger of the "merciful" Allah.

Many hadith, including Sahih Bukhari give proof that Stoning was ordered and practiced by Muhammed, for example:

Volume 2, Book 23, Number 413:
Narrated 'Abdullah bin 'Umar :
The Jew brought to the Prophet a man and a woman from amongst them who have committed (adultery) illegal sexual intercourse. He ordered both of them to be stoned (to death), near the place of offering the funeral prayers beside the mosque."

Click here for more hadith which verify that Mohammed ordered stoning


What happens in Stoning?
In stoning to death, the victims's hands are tied behind their backs and their bodies are put in a cloth sack. Then, this human "package" is buried in a hole, with only the victims heads showing above the ground. If its a woman, she is buried upto her shoulders. This is to give her an seemingly equal (but nonetheless impossible) chance to escape recognizing her lesser physical strength.
After the hapless individual has been secured in the hole, people start chanting "Allah hu Akbar" (meaning, God is great), and throw palm sized stones at the head of the victim from a certain distance (a circle is drawn).
The stones are thrown until the person dies or until he/she escapes out of the hole and crosses the circle. Escaping is impossible, given that the individual's hands are tied behind their backs and they are buried in a hole upto their necks or shoulders (in the case of males and females respectively).
Naturally, the procedure is extremely barbaric and bloody.

Stoning to death is still carried out in the current era, in Iran and was carried out in the previous Taliban-ruled Afghanistan.

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Note: The stoning videos on this page were copied by permission from the website of Iran-e-Azad, an organization which fights for Freedom and Human Rights in Iran. Their website link is here.

We want everone to watch this video and know the truth about this "peaceful" religion of Islam which is a danger to humanity and human rights.

Are people in this video extremists? No, they are true Muslims, following the exact orders of their leader Mohammed. This is real Islam in practice. If you are a Muslim and believe stoning is not a part of Islam: Congratulations! You have already partially apostated from Islam. Now you just need to complete your apostasy like we did, and stop believing that Mohammed was a prophet of God.

Being a humanist is a great alternative to being a Muslim:

Be liberated from the slavery of the imaginary Allah and the false Prophet Mohammed and leave Islam today.

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