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a.pos.tate: n.
One who has abandoned one's religious faith, a political party, one's principles, or a cause.



Help stop Terrorist Attacks!

Dear concerned non-Muslim,

Your effort can help stop the spread of Islam, and will thus reduce the chances of a terrorist attack on your home country, hometown or even your own house!

To stop Islamic terrorism, Islam itself must be stopped and this can be done by creating awareness about its truth, which is that Islam is a violent, irrational, intolerant and dangerous cult that must be stopped.

Here are some things you can do to help stop Islam.
They are listed in the order of ease:

Inform your friends, family, colleagues and area politicians/congressmen of this site. Spreading awareness about the truth of Islam will help to stop the spread of this disease. Tell them about Islam and email this website's URL to them.
Take part in discussions (online or real life) with Muslims. If you know a newly converted Muslim, tell them of this site, and ask them questions about Islam so it makes them feel uncomfortable. Do not hesitate to do this. Remember that Islam is already teaching them to hate you and support the terrorists.

$pend your money against Islam.


Book! Leaving Islam: Apostates Speak Out

Video of Stoning to Death

Yes, this is about Islam - Salman Rushdie

Statement by Ibn Warraq on the WTC Attacks

Islam: Sex & Violence - Online Book by Anwar Sheikh (former Muslim) Book Review




Mohammad The Pedophile - Parvin Darabi

Breaking the manacles of Islam



Buy books that expose the truth of Islam, and donate them to public libraries, or if you are a student, donate them to your college library.
If you cannot donate the books, fill-out book requests, and talk to your Librarians requesting them to include one or more of these books in the library.
List of Islam-exposing books.

Support Humanist and Anti-Islamic organizations. An example of a humanist organization is Humanists.net, which provides free webhosting for many other humanist websites besides this one.
American Humanist Association
FaithFreedomInternational (Anti-Islamic website by former Muslims with extensive research on Islam)

Support Human Rights in other countries. According to Imam Khomeini himself, the Supreme Islamic leader of Islam, 'Those Who Spread Slogans of Reform, Liberty, Democracy, and Human Rights Are Fighting Islam'. (sites: *1, *2, *3)
Amnesty International

Spend your money against Islam today
and prevent Terrorist Attacks tomorrow!


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